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Mission & Vision

students in their caps and gowns in the auditorium

SFCM draws on the bold creativity of ߲ݴý Francisco to offer unparalleled training for the 21 st century musician. We support students in developing the skills and vision to chart successful careers and advance the human experience through music.

We believe a musical education must extend far beyond technical and performance skills. Our commitment to music of enduring quality and importance is the foundation of our innovative curriculum, cultivating critical thinking and business acumen alongside artistic practice, and creating a transformative environment of inquiry, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Our DNA combines a global perspective with the unstoppable energy and imagination of ߲ݴý Francisco. Our pioneering programs and partnerships with leading institutions and businesses prepare students to seize opportunities in music and a wide array of the fastest developing sectors today. SFCM is a magnet for exceptional faculty whose ongoing professional experience benefits our students. As the only conservatory partnered with two leading artist management companies and an iconic record label, we are able to provide our students unique insight and access to the music industry.

SFCM’s Bowes Center dramatically amplifies the scale of opportunity we can provide students and transforms the way we engage with the public. A bespoke, signature building with state-of-the-art facilities in downtown ߲ݴý Francisco, the Center encourages our students to contribute more actively to the life of the city - living on-site, performing, recording, broadcasting, and engaging with our neighboring arts organizations and local communities. The expansion of our campus enhances the possibilities of our training, fuels the potential of our students, and nurtures the music of tomorrow.

Four Pillars

Our core mission is to transform our students: artistically, intellectually, professionally, and individually.

COVID-19 Information

During these challenging times, SFCM has continued to provide students with a first-class education, consistently adapting with a creative, Bay Area spirit.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SFCM

SFCM is committed to raising underrepresented voices in everything that we do by bringing human experiences from different genders, sexual orientations, and races into the curriculum and performances, creating a thriving community.


SFCM has some of the most advanced, meticulously tuned facilities of any music conservatory. Check out our virtual tours and list of facilities here.


SFCM was founded in 1917 by two pioneering women who would change the world of music education forever, Ada Clement and Lilian Hodgehead.


Get to know President David H. Stull and Dean and Chief Academic Officer Jonas Wright.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to providing an extraordinary education that prepares our graduates to pursue fully engaged lives as citizens of the world.

Student Outcomes

Success at SFCM is measured in many ways. Through program review, retention and graduation rates, and student achievement data, SFCM ensures that we are supporting student learning, engagement, and success.
SFCM Opera Concert


In recent years, SFCM acquired two leading artist management companies and an iconic record label. Together, we are reimaging how the music industry works—in service of the success of students, artists, and the public.