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Health and Wellness

Alexander Technique class

Health and Wellness

Your health is a priority, and we make it easy for you to get access to the care you need, ensuring that all students have access to health insurance. From hearing health to counseling, we provide an array of services and information that can help keep you up and going.

We also want to help relieve the stress that can build up during your daily grind as a student. SFCM regularly hosts dog visits on campus, allowing students to take a load off and have some fun with friendly pets. Additionally, drop in to our free, weekly yoga class and put your mind at ease and center yourself before taking on the week's activities.

Getting medical treatment quickly is trouble-free, as about a half dozen hospitals and medical facilities are located within two miles of campus. There's also an urgent care clinic located one block from campus.

Orientation and Workshops

The yearly Orientation program includes a session on staying healthy at the Conservatory. In this session, a number of topics on health and wellness are covered by the Conservatory Physical Therapist and the Conservatory Counselor. Throughout the year, the Office of Student Affairs offers workshops publicized to students by email and through the . Recent topics include performance anxiety and physical health as it applies to daily practice.

Hearing Health

SFCM provides several programs and services in support of student hearing health and protection. Part of the role of any professional is to remain in the best condition to practice the profession. For all aspiring musicians, this involves safeguarding hearing health. In addition to the services

Neuromusculoskeletal and Vocal Health

The Conservatory provides a number of programs and services in support of student neuromusculoskeletal and vocal health. In working toward a degree in music, students are joining a profession with a long and honored history. Part of the role of any professional is to remain in the best condition to

Counseling Services

For more information about Counseling Services at SFCM, please contact Revi-Airborne Williams, LMFT Director of Counseling Services

Health Services and Insurance

Student Health Insurance Administrator: Student Medicover administers the Student Health Insurance Plan through UnitedHealthcare. As a preferred partner of UnitedHealthcare Student Resources in the Student Insurance Market, Student Medicover provides high-quality health insurance plans and reliable