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Student Academic Enrichment Center

Empowering musicians to thrive as lifelong learners.

The Student Academic Enrichment Center (SAEC) empowers musicians to hone their academic skills and explore their intellectual curiosities. The SAEC is your place to gather and work either one-on-one or in groups with an experienced educator in various subject areas. We’re here to work with you to become an active and collaborative learner to prepare you for new challenges and thrive in the pursuit of your career.

Approach learning as a collaborative process.
Develop academic competencies through conversation and practice.
Engage diverse ways of knowing and learning.

Can’t find an open appointment? Check out our online resources here:
Academic Resources
Program Notes


Edward Joaquin, Ph.D.

SAEC Coordinator


SFCM's Library is a center with a multitude of resources, a hub for study, and everything in between. Take advantage of the extensive catalog and all of the resources that will help you build the foundational knowledge you need to take your education to the next level.

Academic Services

Whether you're confused about what courses to take or wondering how to record your recital, we're here to provide answers and access to the right resources. Our services are designed not only to support your growth as a student, but also to prepare you for life as a successful professional and

Catalog & Book Requirements

Check out our course catalog for the year, where you'll find descriptions on all the classes SFCM has to offer and their various book requirements.

Degrees & Programs

Your best is where we begin. From day one, SFCM students are given the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of musical and intellectual disciplines while receiving dedicated instruction in their specialty. Rigorous artistic training is balanced by intellectual exploration. Experience a

Winter Term

Take a few weeks to flex your muscles. Winter Term SFCM sets aside a few weeks near the beginning of the new year for Winter Term, a special time for students to immerse themselves in subjects beyond the standard curriculum. It’s a chance to learn about an interest you’ve never quite had time to