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Clarinet Ensemble

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The SFCM Clarinet Ensemble, led by Jeff Anderle, is committed to commissioning and performing works by living composers. Since its founding in 2010, it has premiered more than a dozen pieces, including works by Marc Mellis, Jonathan Russell, Lisa Bielawa, and Theresa Wong. In addition, it has performed pieces by Steve Reich, Evan Ziporyn, and the Helia Music Collective and arrangements by J.S. Bach, Percy Grainger, and Earth, Wind & Fire. The ensemble was featured at the SFCM Centennial Gala and was a performer at ClarinetFest 2019 in Knoxville, TN and ClarinetFest 2022 in Reno, NV.

Read about our ensemble in an article from the Clarinet Choir.

Title Composer Instrumentation Composition Year SFCM Commission? Sheet Music Recording
TBD (2023) Anna Meadors TBD 2023 yes  
Mapping Out a Sky Emma Logan 5 Bb, 3 bass 2022 yes
In Transit Julie Barwick 6 Bb, 3 bass 2022 yes
Three Spaces Shawne Workman 6 Bb, 3 bass 2022 yes
Tuyshtak Theresa Wong 6 Bb 2022 yes  
Chaconne in D J.S. Bach, arr. Kyle Hovatter 2 Bb, 2 bass 1717, arr. 2019 yes
Evil Robot Spooky Space Jam Jonathan Russell 1 Eb, 5 Bb, 3 bass 2019 yes
Prometheus Marc Mellits, arr. Jonathan Russell 6 Bb, 2 bass 2019 yes
Amrit Kala Ramnath 2 Bb, 2 bass 2018  
Centennial Broadcast Lisa Bielawa 9 Eb, 73 Bb, 14 bass, 3 contrabass 2018 yes  
Burst Ken Thomson 2 Bb, 2 bass 2018 yes  
September Earth Wind Fire, arr. Michael Lowenstern 7 Bb or 7 bass 1978, arr. 2017  
a circle to the head Kyle Hovatter solo bass, 8 Bb 2017 yes
Hopes to Be Anna Meadors 2 Bb, 2 bass 2016  
Black Oak Max Stoffregen 6 Bb, 3 Bass, electronics 2015 yes  
To Grasp is to Uncontrollably Drop Joshua Carro 7 Bb, 2 bass, piano 2013  
Supra Jonathan Jonathan Russell 9 bass or 6 Bb and 3 bass 2012  
Molly on the Shore Percy Grainger, arr. Matt Johnston 1 Eb, 5 Bb, 4 bass 1907, arr. 2011    
When She Walks Hauschka, arr. Jeff Anderle 8 Bb, 3 bass 2011 yes    
Madeira Hauschka, arr. Jeff Anderle 8 Bb, 3 bass 2010 yes    
Eleven Jonathan Russell 9 Bb, 2 bass 2010 yes
Hive Evan Ziporyn 2 Bb, 2 bass 2007  
How to play Ken Thomson 5 Bb 2006    
Be-In Evan Ziporyn 3 Bb, 2 bass 1990  
New York Counterpoint Steve Reich 9 Bb, 2 bass 1985  

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