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Computer Assisted Composition - ONLINE ONLY

Computer Assisted Composition - ONLINE ONLY

a student sits at the computer in a tac lab

Get into coding to create sound and music! Learn to generate and present your musical ideas through your computer or using your preferred digital audio workstation. Participants will be introduced to Computer Assisted Composition using different object-oriented visual environments (OpenMusic, PWGL and AC Toolbox), and create algorithms to compose melodies, rhythms, harmonic progressions and interesting sounds.

Faculty: Mauricio Rodriguez, Composer
Ages: 13 – 18
When: June 18 - July 9 Tuesday, Thursday from 10am - 12:00 PM OR 1:00 - 3:00 PM (no class on July 4th)
Tuition: $450
Registration Deadline: June 1
Requirements: Previous experience with music theory that includes a basic understanding of major and minor scales, intervals, chords (triads and sevenths), chord progressions, musical forms. Either Mac or PC computer necessary. No previous coding experience required.


Mauricio Rodriguez

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